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JuiceQuest Juice Bar, in Oyster Bay features fresh organic juices, smoothies, protein shakes, coffee, and gluten free baked goods. Our naturopathic juice chef specifically designs our delicious juice and smoothie recipes to cleanse, detox, energize, balance and heal.

Why Should YOU Drink Fresh Every Day?

Drinking juice from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables provides you with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which are all necessary for your body to function properly. Everyone knows that eating your daily dose of vegetables and fruits is important, but few people are able to consume the amount needed for optimal health. Drinking fresh juice daily allows you to get those vital nutrients and other amazing health benefits.

Among the Many Benefits of Juicing:
• Increased Energy Levels
• Better Concentration
• Healthy Skin, Nails, Hair & Eyes
• Stronger Immune System
• Improved Mood
• Aids in Weight Loss

Grabbing a JuiceQuest juice or smoothie on the go is a convenient and cost effective way to make these healthy ingredients a part of your day and your life.

Randy Jackson of Zebra enjoying a JuiceQuest  juice at Oyster Fest.
Randy Jackson enjoying a JuiceQuest juice at Oyster Fest.

It is a delicious and nutritious alternative to the other options available. And you don’t have to worry about shopping for, storing and using the wide variety of ingredients that we carry, not to mention the prep and clean-up. It is all taken care of for you!


“…a convenient and cost effective way to make these healthy ingredients a part of your day…”

Our commitment to health extends beyond your body to the environment. We use biodegradable non-plastic cups and utensils, and unbleached recycled or sustainably grown paper products. We also use organic fruit and vegetable wash and earth friendly cleaning products.

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Drink fresh every day.